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In the words of the infamous Whitley Gilbert (played by actress Jasmine Guy) from the late 80's hit sitcom A Different World...."Relax. Relate. Release." If you’re unfamiliar with the show, the character Whitley Gilbert would always say that quote to herself once she recognized she was getting overwhelmed. Statics show two hours of the average person’s day is consumed with worrying and  women are twice as likely than men to worry according to the National Institute of Mental Health. As a wife, mother and full-time professional, I know how challenging it can be to manage it all so here are a few tips to help you cope some of those stressful days all while keepin it pretty! 

1. Retail Therapy - What most women do to relax is treating themselves to some good ole retail retail therapy! It lessens the worry and simply makes you feel good. The purchase diverts the attention from the problem, and un-clouds the mind. You can sit back, take a breather and enjoy your new “thing". 

2. Spa Day - A pampering session is so necessary for women and men but women in particular really do “relate” much better after some “me time”. If you’re on a budget or have a pretty little spending habit already like myself and can't quite afford a day at The Red Door Spa, a more budget friendly choice could be a hot bubble bath with your favorite glass of wine. Imagine yourself in a spa sauna room, let the steamy atmosphere melt away the stress and worry on your mind. But hey if funds are not a problem then treat yourself to that spa day and enjoy relaxation at its finest! 

3. Nails Did, Hair Did, Everything Did- Another instant pick me up is a fresh manicure and pedicure. Those massage chairs do work miracles my darlings! Tilt the chair as far back as the manicurist allows, close your eyes, pop in your headphones and viola! Getting your hair done by your beautician almost always makes a woman feel good and forget about her worries. Not having to do all the work of shampooing, blow-drying, and styling your own hair can be tranquil to say the least.

4. Time Management - When your mind is constantly on work demands, school deadlines, and paying those bills on time, time for yourself sometimes sounds like a fairytale versus an actual goal. Time management could come in handy here. Make a calendar, set reminders, and schedule accordingly to make every effort in fitting everything in. The releasing part only works efficiently if you have time. If not managed properly you will find yourself back in the same space.

Hopefully this helps a bit ladies...Remember that you have to be good to yourself and simple Relax. Relate . Release. 

Article written by Sheila Odom-Gibbs @thesheilzhow




So here's the story...I have never aspired to be a blogger. Two years ago I decided that I was so over Baltimore and needed to get out of here ASAP!II I was bored at my job, my dating life sucked, and honestly felt like the only thing I loved about this city was my family. I was ready to book my one-way ticket out of 'Smalltimore' 

So where was I going.........HOUSTON, TEXAS BABY! 

Warm weather, palm trees, cheap real estate, progressive young professionals, ranked 4th largest city in the U.S. and BEYONCE!! Honestly I could have stopped at palm trees but after doing quite a bit of research I started to fall in love with a city that I had never even visited. Nope, I had never even been to Texas. Crazy right? But hell why not? So I hopped on a plane for a weekend by myself to explore what I believed to be my new city. And after my travels, you couldn't tell me I wasn't about to be riding around solo in  a drop top white BMW blasting MJ's 'Pretty Young Thing' in them Houston streets! I started applying to jobs, consulted a realtor for advice on turing the Fab Pad into a rental property and told everybody and they mama I was PEACING OUT!

BUT FIRST, let me explore the city where I grew up and find out what exactly put the Charm in Charm City. has blossomed from what was supposed to be a journal documenting  my adventures throughout the city before my departure to Houston to an online platform that ONE YEAR later I now share with over 1000 readers a month. 

Why am I still here....

Life happens and I made the personal decision to stay put for a while. Not only do I get to continue spend time with the people that I love most but I have also begun to fall in love with a city that I never knew existed. And that's pretty dope. So Houston is on a bit of a hold but the brand is expanding and I am bringing on a team of women that plan to bring you more beauty & fashion, more articles on dating/relationships and more events! Shout out to #TEAMPRETTY 

So now I AM BLOGGER......that's my story and I'm sticking to it! 


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