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Hello Beauties! 

If you believe that the eyes say it all, then I think I've found the perfect lash for you!

Earlier this week, I met with the lovely Nicole Word, makeup artist and founder of Nicole Word Beauty to try out the popular beauty trend, mink eye lash extensions. Unless you're Beyonce', most women don't have the time to apply fake lashes everyday and so lash extensions have become increasingly popular. 

Eyelash extensions are nothing new, but recently there have been several new types of lash extensions being offered, Mink & Sable.  Mink eyelash extensions are premium false lashes that are lighter and more flexible then conventional synthetic lashes and range in price from $125- $200. Sable lashes offer the same light and natural look but aren't as budget friendly and range between $300-500. So with mink eyelash extensions, you can achieve the same great look at half the cost! 

Before I show you the final product, I asked our beauty expert some questions so that you beauties have all the information you need to know before making the decision to get eyelash extensions. 

Jade Nicole: How long does it take to apply lash extensions?

NW: Applying a full set of lash extensions takes about 1.5 - 2 hours with recommended touch ups every three to four weeks.

Jade Nicole: How long do they last?

NW: Lashes normally last through a full growth cycle of natural eyelashes, typically six to eight weeks. That said, because each person's lash growth is somewhat variable (just hair growth), I suggest light maintenance every three to four weeks to maintain a full look.

Jade Nicole: How are they applied?

NW: After the initial consultation to establish what shape and type of look you are after and any recommendations its time to relax and lay down on the massage table.

The eyes and lashes need to be free of make-up, but I will also clean the lashes to make sure they are free of any protein or oil.  This is to ensure the lash extensions bond correctly to the host lash. I will then place small white pads under each eye which are placed over the lower lashes to keep them out of the way.  Your eyes are then kept closed for the duration of the procedure.

Using tweezers I will use the pads as a work area by separating out the individual lash that is going to receive the extension. The extension lash is then placed on to the host lash with a specially formulated bonding agent. The application takes approximately 1 ¼ to 1 ½ and anywhere between 50 to 150 lashes on each eye depending on the size and shape of you eyes together with the look you want to achieve. Once all of the lashes have been applied there is usually about a 5 – 10 minute wait for the bonding to dry and voila!  Beautiful new lashes!

So here they are.......soft & natural lashes! 

For lashes and makeup, starting in August, you can book your appointment  Studio with Nicole Word at her new MakeUp and Lash located 401 E. Oliver Street Baltimore, MD 21202 Suite 203. 


Instagram: NicoleWordBeauty

Facebook: Nicole Word Beauty



Hey Naturalistas! 

This past weekend, I attended  Fro-Case: The Natural Stylist Showcase which provides a platform for Natural hair care specialists in the DMV to display their talents through a model hair show. Hosted by Rochelle Ritchie and emceed by the hilariously funny 92Q radio personality Kiki Brown, the afternoon provided a host of hair & beauty vendors, stylist tutorials, model hair show and Q&A session.  

The creator behind this unique hair experience is the talented,ZARA CHARM  . Zara is a Baltimore natural hair stylist and creator of an all-natural line of  hair and body products called, Charisma. Zara's work hit the runway along with other local DMV stylist: Ayana ( Kinkz, Coilz & Curlz, LLC), Lauren (Sister Locked Diva ), Dianna (DMV Naturalista ), Angella Spinney & Karen McFadden (La Naturalle Hair), Azareah (Holistic Hair Sanctuary ), Brandi (Hair Cuttery Columbia, MD) and Vicky (LoC Lovin LLC).


Following the model hair show, the floor opened up for Q&A and Naturalistas had the opportunity to ask their burning hair questions. It was a great discussion and I learned a few great tips! Check out video & pics below and as always Stay Pretty! 

The hair show's youngest model. 

The hair show's youngest model. 

Vendor: Good Goods

Vendor: Good Goods

My Favorite Jewelry Vendor in the DMV: JiHE

My Favorite Jewelry Vendor in the DMV: JiHE

Beautiful skirt by @regalclothes

Beautiful skirt by @regalclothes

92Q Personality Kiki Brown, Zara Charm, Rochelle Ritchie & Event Planner Monica Renee

92Q Personality Kiki Brown, Zara Charm, Rochelle Ritchie & Event Planner Monica Renee

Me with Event Planner for the event Monica Renee. To book her for your next event, check her out on Instagram @sociallychic

Me with Event Planner for the event Monica Renee. To book her for your next event, check her out on Instagram @sociallychic

Denim x Denim - My look for the day

Denim x Denim - My look for the day

Stay Pretty
— Jade Nicole



I really do….but I’ve always struggled with finding the right products to maintain my natural curl keeping it moisturized but not weighing it down too much. I‘ve been natural (relaxer-free) for almost 11 years now but typically wear my hair pressed straight in a short bob. I would love to wear my natural curl more often, so when I heard about the Baltimore Natural Hair Expo, I immediately penciled it in my calendar as I knew this would be an opportunity for me to explore new hair products so I can rock my natural curl.  

The Baltimore Natural Hair Expo which took place at the 5th Regiment Armory located in Baltimore City, offered a weekend of events with a host of hair, jewelry and clothing vendors. The weekend highlights included hair tutorials, a hair show and guest speaker Miko Branch, co-founder of Miss Jessie’s Hair Care products. Miss Jessie is actually the first hair care product line that I tried when I began my natural journey so I was super excited to see her! I wasn’t able to grab a photo op as literally I was the next person in line before they shut it down *le sigh* but none-the-less glad to see her in person and she’s absolutely stunning! Total hair crush!  

For about 2 hours, I strolled up and down each aisle checking out each hair vendor and asking specific questions for my hair texture. To be completely honest, there weren’t many hair vendors as I would have liked but I did stumble upon Ashea Profressionals whose creator was super nice and extremely knowledgeable about hair and gave great tips for my hair texture. He even gave me this free hair kit to try. It’s just been a few days since the expo so I haven’t tested it out yet, but be sure to check back on the blog! 

I left the event with quite a few hair product samples and even found myself two bracelets from one of my favorite jewelry vendors, JiHe Jewelry. She always has super cute and unique pieces! 

Overall, the event was decent. I think with addition of more hair vendors and demonstrations the event has the potential to be even better.

Check out more pictures from the event below…..

Charm City Pretty wants to know your favorite hair care products? Drop your comments and if you’re looking for more events like this, be sure to check out FRO-CASE : The Natural Stylist Showcase on April 12th. For more information and to purchase tickets, check out the EVENTS section! 

Stay Pretty!

Jade Nicole 




For years I've struggled with acne and blemishes so when I was contacted by Dead Sea Sensation which is run by a fellow Baltimorean to try some of their skin care products, I was ecstatic!  I have literally tried everything for my skin. From prescription products to store bought and even natural home remedies, if you name it I bet you I have tried it!  So with testing out their products for about a month now, here's to my very first beauty review...

Dead Sea Sensation is a natural and organic skin care line which boasts that the natural minerals and salts found in the Dead Sea are highly beneficial for the relief of various skin problems, including Psoriasis, Eczema, Dermatitis and even Arthritis. Dead Sea Sensation offers various skin care products for targeted areas including facial, eye, hand, foot, body and anti-cellulite. Since my struggle is with acne and blemishes, I opted to try the FACIAL CARE COLLECTION FOR HER which is sold as a gift set and includes: Natural Facial Black Mud Mask, Mineral Based Facial Scrub, Mineral Day Cream and Mineral Salts Night Cream. I also asked to try the MINERAL FACIAL MIST WITH ROSE WATER as I have read in a few articles that rosewater is filled with anti-oxidants and various vitamins, helping to  prevent the signs of ageing and nourish the skin.

photo (1).JPG

THE TEST I For about a month now I have ritualistically applied the products day and night. In the mornings I exfoliate with the Mineral Based Facial Scrub and then apply the Day Cream. The Facial Scrub is not too harsh and has a nice scent. The Day Cream is light and doesn't leave my skin feeling too oily. In the evenings I actually use an over the counter cleanser (cetaphil) so that I'm only exfoliating  once a day (total personal preference on exfoliation) and then apply a mist of the Rose Water and gently dab a cotton ball over my face for an even distribution. Twice a week in the evenings I also apply the Black Mud Mask (my new favorite mask) allowing to sit for 10 minutes and after rinsing, I  follow-up with the Mineral Salts Night Cream. 

THE PRETTY I With all the facial care products that I have tried, this product line has by far been the one to leave my skin feeling the softest. After rinsing the Black Mud Mask which I leave applied for about 10 minutes, my skin feels amazingly soft.  I've also noticed that within the last month, I haven't experienced any break-outs which on average for me are about twice a month. I know we all have different skin types, but based on my recent experience with the product I would recommend you pretty ladies to give it a try. The cost is reasonable ranging from $12 - $25 and it ships right away. 

THE UGLY I Many skin care products that I have tried in the past come with directions for application. Unfortunately with the products tested, there were no directions on how to apply or how often. Without the instructions however,  I was still able to create a system that I felt worked best for my skin but for you facial product newbies do a bit of research for a guide on a skincare regimen. 

Overall I am very pleased and will continue using the products! 

For more information on Dead Sea Sensation and their products, visit here

Stay Pretty! 

Jade Nicole XOXO


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