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As summer is coming to an end, it's time to kiss those short shorts goodbye!.... Or is it? I know all the fabulous ladies are ready to dust off their favorite boots for this upcoming season, and break out their infamous black motorcycle jackets. But before storing away all your summer gear, take a little time to figure out which pieces can be worn this fall as well. One of the biggest trends is wearing shorts and boots. This look can be accomplished easily by throwing on some black tights, a camisole, and oversized chunky cardigan.

Transitioning summer pieces into your fall wardrobe can take some serious styling tips to pull off. Resort to your favorite blog or fashion magazine for tips and inspiration. Fall style is all about layering. If you own a light weight scarf that came in handy during cool summer nights, layer it with your favorite distressed denim, a slogan t-shirt, camo jacket, and a pair of rocker booties.

The plaid shirt was worn by everyone last fall, winter, and summer. So it’s safe to assume that those same shirts will be making another debut this fall. Of course most people wear the top as an accessory to their outfit versus actually wearing it as a shirt. Either way the look just works, and doubles as an alternative for the chillier days. Following suit with the 90s fashion that has stuck around for a few seasons now throw on some big hoop earrings, graphic tee, acid washed denim, and a pair of chuck taylors. Rock it as a shirt or accessory and your look is stylish with a hint of 90s grunge.

Blazers obviously can be worn all year long being another piece typically worn as an accessory. Double duty pieces like this and the plaid shirt can really add a certain statement to your outfit. The blazer adds in the dressing up an outfit for that extra touch of sophistication. Did you purchase a blazer in a hot pink color around springtime and not sure if it will work for fall? No worries bright colored blazers can be fall friendly if paired with a solid colored outfit. For example if you do own a hot pink blazer try the tone down method with a black top, black pants, and black shoes. It can compliment a dressy casual look or spruce up your street attire. This staple is a gem that every woman should own at least one of.

hot pink.jpg

Suede and the fringe factor have been dominating fashion since the 70s. Recently this summer shoe designers have out done themselves with sandals that have included the suede material adorned with fringe. Booties and pumps are no acceptations this fall! They are flat out fabulous…Now ladies this can get a little tricky if you’re not careful with the color selection. The super bright colored shoes will not work as well for fall in this instance. Stick with the neutral tones like grey, camel, sand, nude, and blue. These will add texture to any outfit as well as some va-va voom to your look. Even suede pants and crop tops are being sold in stores for fall. Suede purses featuring fringe will be a big hit this fall, which you may already have in your closet from the summer.

So that's your Fall Fashion guide ladies......

FALL FASHION 2015 written by blog contributor: Sheila Odom-Gibbs

IG: @thesheilzhow

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